Fundraising Outside the Box: Innovative Ways to Crush Your Giving Tuesday Goals


Innovative Ways to Crush Your #GivingTuesday Goals


Giving Tuesday, the global day of generosity, is coming up on November 28, 2023. This day has become one of the biggest fundraising days of the year for nonprofits. However, with donations declining this year due to economic uncertainty, nonprofits need to get creative with their Giving  Tuesday campaigns to maximize donations.

In this blog post, we'll share some innovative, multi-channel fundraising ideas to help your nonprofit stand out this Giving Tuesday. With a smart digital strategy combined with offline engagement tactics, you can foster community support and see an influx of donations even during tough times.


Creative Online Fundraising Ideas

Let's start with some out-of-the-box online fundraising approaches. With so many people spending more time on digital platforms, focusing your Giving Tuesday energy here can help extend your reach.

Crowdfunding campaigns on sites like GoFundMe or GiveButter are great for rallying donations from a wide audience. Set up a peer-to-peer campaign where supporters can create their own fundraising pages to share across social media. This empowers your community to become fundraisers themselves. Offer fun incentives like custom organization swag for top fundraisers to encourage friendly competition.

Run social media contests or challenges to creatively engage your followers. For example, you could hold a raffle where every $10 donated earns one entry or create a dance challenge fundraiser on TikTok or Instagram Reels. These kinds of active, interactive campaigns get people invested in donating.

Shopping_Cart_Sitting_On_Laptop-1Amazon Wish Lists are another frictionless option. Add needed supplies and items to an online campaign catalog that supporters can purchase for your organization in just a few clicks. It removes the hassle of cash donations for quick impact. OneEach Mindful Giving sets up your campaign catalog as a page on your website that you can promote to your supporters. Donors can simply choose the items from your catalog, pay for them online, and then the items get directly shipped to you. Donors will love the convenience!

For nonprofits with an artistic or creative community, hosting live online fundraising events can be engaging. Go live on Facebook or Instagram to hold a benefit concert, talent show, instructional workshop, or other virtual event. Make it interactive and entertaining while soliciting donations throughout.

You can also partner with gamers in your local community to stream gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. Work with them to fundraise during the broadcast through call-to-action donations. This taps into an entirely new donor demographic.

Multichannel Donation Opportunities

Now let's look at some ways to allow supporters to donate through multiple channels based on convenience.

Text-to-give campaigns are ideal for reaching people on their smartphones in real-time. OneEach Text Messaging is the quickest and most personal solution for connecting with your community. We offer affordable, pay-as-you-go texting plans that will:

  • Drive visitors to your website for critical alerts
  • Boost giving on your donation web pages
  • Increase registrations for your events
  • Recruite volunteers to help with programs

Empower your existing supporters to start DIY fundraisers for your organization right on Facebook. They can reach friends you might not otherwise connect with. Provide instructions and resources to set them up for success.

For nonprofits holding in-person events on Giving Tuesday like races, dinners, or concerts, add virtual participation options as well. Let people engage on their own terms through live  streams, video calls, or other digital features. Offer toolkits to help remote supporters fundraise or volunteer in lieu of attending.

And don't forget to merge online and offline tactics. For example, include a scannable QR  code on all your print materials and ads that link to a mobile-friendly donation page. This bridges the gap between digital and traditional marketing.


Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to take risks, get creative, and try new approaches to your fundraising. Don't get discouraged by the donation decline. By diversifying your efforts across digital platforms and traditional channels, you can foster meaningful community connections and see your hard work pay off.

Focus on making your campaign interactive, frictionless, and adaptable. Empower supporters to become fundraisers themselves. And don't be afraid to experiment with new tech like livestreams and crowdfunding.

With smart strategy and some innovation, your nonprofit can have a standout Giving Tuesday that brings in much-needed support. You've got this!

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