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Marshalltown Area United Way

"OneEach Technologies delivered everything on time."

Our Customer

This is the Marshalltown Area United Way success story.

We are a nonprofit fundraising organization.

Located in Marshalltown, Iowa


Marshalltown Area United Way Feedback SummaryMarshalltownAreaUW-1

The project was completed within the expected timeframe, leaving the customer satisfied with the engagement. OneEach Technologies was professional and prompt in terms of responding to the customer's needs. Overall, customers can expect a reliable partner who follows through on time.

Opportunity / Challenge

What specific goals or objectives did you hire OneEach Technologies to accomplish?

To redesign a fundraising web page and connect it to Stripe.


Why did you select OneEach Technologies over others?

OneEach Technologies was referred to me. 

What was the scope of work?

We needed updates and modifications to a web page that was already designed for a Trivia event. Then we needed the redesigned web page tested for Stripe.

What was your primary form of communication with OneEach Technologies?

Virtual meetings, email, and messaging app.


How did OneEach Technologies manage the project?

They delivered everything on time.
Our timeline was 1-2 weeks, with spring break vacations in there too!


What did you find most impressive or unique about OneEach Technologies?

OneEach Technologies offers live ongoing training and on-demand access to the training recordings.

The review was conducted on Clutch by the Events & Marketing Coordinator, Marshalltown Area United Way.


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