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 "There seems to be a solutions for any issue and creative ways to make our visions come to life."

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This is the United Way of Bemidji Area success story.

Located in Bemidji, Minnesota

Website: www.unitedwaybemidji.org

United Way of Bemidji Area Feedback Summary

OneEach Technologies' work meets all expectations. The team is efficient, hardworking, and trustworthy. They were helpful with questions and always seemed to have a creative solution for every issue.

Opportunity / ChallengeUnited Way of Bemidji Area home page

For what projects did your company hire OneEach Technologies?

I connected with our OneEach Account Manager to improve the process of our annual agency grant application. Our goals were to create an easier process for agencies applying for funding and to simplify the process for United Way staff.


How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

United Ways partner with OneEach Technologies across the country. They provide website platforms that allow us to adhere to brand guidelines.

What was the scope of work?

I set up a few meetings with our Account Manager to determine the process of switching over our previous grant system to incorporate webforms and have everything submitted through our website.


Can you share the measurable outcome of the project?

After launching our grant to be completely through our website, we realized that the webforms combining everything into reports saved our team HOURS of uploading and preparation. We also had multiple partner agencies comment on the ease of being able to log onto our website and handle all of the grant aspects there.

What was the OneEach Technologies project management style?

Our Account Manager was a huge asset to our grant process this year. She was very helpful with any questions while building the grant, she helped record a tutorial video for our partner agencies using the website for the first time and was fast to respond if there were any issues along the way.


What did you find most impressive or unique about OneEach Technologies?

I found our Account Manager's knowledge of the website's features most impressive. There seems to be a solution for any issue and creative ways to make our visions come to life.

The review was conducted on Clutch by the Director of Marketing and Events, United Way of Bemidji Area.

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