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United Way of Indiana County

United Way of Indiana County has been active in our community for 90 years; although a lot has changed over that time, the one thing that hasn’t is the mission for a community where people thrive, live healthy lives, and everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. The organization has evolved from collecting shoes, clothing, and food to mobilizing community resources to help strengthen and improve the lives of their neighbors.

Their Mission, Vision & Strategy

uw-indiana-county-formsUnited Way of Indiana County’s mission is to meet critical needs and improve the quality of life throughout Indiana County by inspiring and uniting its residents. They are a local nonprofit organization whose goals are to bring resources into the Indiana County community that will help to strengthen it and to ensure that those resources are used in such a way that the greatest impact can be achieved.

In order for United Way to maintain that kind of track record, it relies on the solid spirit of volunteerism that thrives in Indiana County and on the generous donations it receives. Their strategy focuses on education, financial stability, a strong community, and health. United Way of Indiana County invests in programs and local organizations who are equipped to help them meet their collective community impact goals.

The Challenges They Faced

The challenge United Way of Indiana County was facing is:

No Way to Securely Collect Personal Information
United Way of Indiana County worked with the Indiana County Community Action program to provide assistance to those impacted by COVID-19 in Indiana County. But, they didn’t have a safe, secure, or efficient way to collect personal information and display options for help tailored to each respondent’s needs.

The Solution

The OneEach Technologies team enjoys partnership with our clients to develop the simplest, most impactful solutions. We believe in a collaborative approach – one that empowers our clients to make the most of their website and digital services.

We partnered with United Way of Indiana County with the goal of building a website that allowed them to have conditional forms that were able to securely collect confidential information from those impacted by the pandemic, then provide customized help, resources, and answers based on their unique situations.

Benefits of Conditional Forms

Traditional, static forms can be useful for collecting very basic information. But they fall short when you want to provide resources and answers for unique situations. We built conditional forms for United Way of Indiana so they could:

  • Streamline their process - conditional forms are more digestible and less complicated.
  • Keep their forms short - they could hide fields until they needed to be displayed based on responses.
  • Display follow-up questions - some situations might require additional information which can be easily displayed after a selection is made.
  • Generate PDFs - this allows respondents to download relevant PDF documents based on their needs.
  • Upload supporting documentation - this allows respondents to upload supporting documents, such as their driver’s license or proof of pandemic impact, right on the form.
  • Collect signatures - this provides an area where they could embed a signature block on the form.

The end result allows United Way of Indiana County to:

Conditional Forms Capture Information
We implemented forms that are able to collect all of the confidential information safely and securely, then display options tailored to each respondent’s needs. For example, if a respondent was laid off from their job, different resources would display than if they were still employed or furloughed.

Respondent Information Kept Secure
The form created that United Way of Indiana County uses includes an upload function, signature box, and also special permission to allow ICCAP to view submissions with a secure login.

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