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This is the United Way of Reno County success story.

Located in Hutchinson, Kansas

Website: https://www.unitedwayofrenocounty.org/

United Way of Reno County Feedback SummaryUWRenoCounty-1

The new website perfectly showcased the United Way of Reno County, allowing viewers to understand them easily. As a result, the site traffic and engagement increased. The team maintained excellent communication and provided videos for reference. Overall, their attentiveness and guidance stood out.

Opportunity / Challenge

For what project did your company hire OneEach Technologies?

Our website was 8 years old and outdated. We hired OneEach to help us develop a more relevant website that fits our current needs.


How did you select OneEach Technologies and what were the deciding factors?

We chose OneEach due to our past history of working with them. We know they have integrity and have been great to assist us with anything that we have needed. 

What was the scope of work?

We met with our Account Manager and discussed our current needs, and what we needed in addition to what we already had on our website. Then we met on a regular basis to ensure everyone was still on the same page and on track.

What was OneEach Technologies' project management style?

Our Account Manager was a great communicator and teacher. She would video several complex things for us so that we could rewatch and learn. She always met deadlines and ensured we were happy with the progress.


What are some measurable outcomes of the project?

Those who go to our site have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we do. We can see a difference in the traffic that is engaged with our site since we updated the website.


What did you find most impressive or unique about OneEach Technologies?

I would say the willingness to truly listen and work with me to ensure we had a quality finished product. Also, I was impressed with our Account Manager's ability to teach and help me learn as this is not my skill set.

The review was conducted on Clutch by the Executive Director, United Way of Reno County.

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